Hello You!

We welcome you to the world of MG. 
Margery Genevie Kainama is the founder and creative mind behind this
art gallery and tattoo studio.  Margery is a creator of symbolism in art, handpoke tattoo and exclusive jewelry.
Every collection - carefully designed and produced -
is created in a small studio in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 
MG is a slow, sustainable and animal-friendly brand.
All products are handmade with love and passion.
MG’s work is inspired by the Universe, nature and symbolism.
She is always fascinated by the source, ancient indigenous and ethnic tribes from all around the world.
She sees the connection and similarities between these deep rooted cultures.
Because of this, her curiosity has grown more and more over time,
which is one of the main reasons she loves to travel around the world
to get inspired.
Collecting memories, gathering information,
and getting inspired in order to share it all with you.
She believes in the forces of nature, all that mother Earth has given us,
and being respectful to the law of nature.
She would do anything to leave a ‘green’ footprint behind.
Therefore she chooses to work with as many organic, recycled, and natural products as possible, while always keeping sustainability in mind.
Every now and then she will upload some new items and collections. 
Don’t wait any longer and go see her collection.