Welcome to our website dedicated to handpoke markings

Handpoke markings are all about the art of manually applying ink to the skin, without the use of an electric tattoo machine. This traditional method offers a unique experience and results in one of a kind artisanal symbols. 

Handpoke marking is like connecting the dots. A (freehand) body art expression of symbolism.  An intuitive, traditional process and a back-to-basic way to mark the skin. 

Interested in a distinctive handpoke marking? Explore two exclusive options at my private studio in Oosterbeek. 

1. A personal, unique symbol; a translation of your (life) story. For information about the proces of your personal symbol navigate to "Symbolism & stories"

2. Symbol Archive; opt for a symbol of your choice. You will find more details about the Symbol archive at page "Symbols archive".

For our session you are invited in my private studio. During the handpoke marking process I will use as many ‘green’ products and less plastic as possible to keep your skin healthy and our environment clean. Like products without any chemicals, cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Browse through our online art gallery and hopefully you'll enjoy exploring and feel inspired to embrace the world of handpoke markings and art. 

Read the Q&A about traditional handpoke marking if you have still some questions left. Connect via

 Photo: Djona Tehupuring