Do you want to symbolise your story?

As a visual storyteller I will translate your personal story into a custom tattoo design. An intuitive process of energy exchange and a collaboration between you and me. 
From the first time you reach out to the last dot I’ll mark on your body. My full tattoo process goes as follows:
Reach out to share your story or whatever you have in mind to translate into a symbol. Everything you share will be treated confidentially.

After sharing some inspiration (either online or offline) my creative mind and spirit will create something magical for you.
Behind or in every single line, shape or dot you will find a deeper meaning and it will represent you or your story.

A tattoo isn’t just a beautiful image, it carries a deeper symbolic intention and will resonate with you for the rest of your life.
Once we both have the right feeling about your design or symbolism. You can book an appointment to mark your skin with your own customised symbolic design.
Trust, comfort, love and a natural flow are the base of our process to create something meaningful and everlasting.
That’s my mission, and I hope you will experience this too.
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