What is handpoke marking? And what are the benefits of handpoke marking?


Handpoking is a method of tattooing/ marking the skin. The tattoo process is the same as using a tattoo machine, but this is a manual technique and no machine is involved. The method is very simple. Fundamentally, handpoke marking means using a sharp point to deposit an ink pigment into someone’s skin to leave a permanent mark. Repeatedly poking the skin, every dot ultimately comes together in
one line or shape. 

This traditional body art has been practiced for thousands of years. The same marking technique has been used by our ancestors for ages. It is thought handpoked markings were used to signify health, birth, death, religion and religious rituals.

Handpoked markings are very distinctive in their look, and many styles can be achieved with various techniques.
I prefer blackwork, dot and line work.
It is often agreed that handpoked work looks more natural and organic as every little dot makes up a fundamental part of the design.



Why did you choose for this technique?

I’m intrigued by “connecting the dots” on my life path.
I feel more comfortable with manual tools to mark the skin.
It’s more traditional and it feels more spiritual, almost like a meditation.

During handpoke marking I feel my own energy and the chemistry between me and the receiver.
I love the energetic atmosphere, the rhythm, the vibration, the flow and the connection.
I’m more focused and have no distraction from the sound of the machine.

Therefore, I can send all my energy and good intentions into the marking and the person who's receiving it.
It’s a great privilege and I believe it’s a phenomenal, unforgettable experience of energy exchange. A cyclus of giving and receiving. 








What is so special about this way of body marking?

It's a back-to-basic way of marking the skin, like ancient indigenous  techniques.
Handpoked markings are very characteristic in their look. This
particular method is simple, and it can look more organic.


What kind of tools do you use?

I use (vegan) black ink and sterile, disposable tattoo needles in different sizes.

Besides that, I use as many ‘green’ products as possible to keep your skin healthy and our environment clean.


Will it heal quickly?


Handpoked markings often heal faster than machine tattoos because they tend to cause less damage to the skin.
You can generally expect your handpoked marking to be fully healed within 2-3 weeks.
Still, it is important to carefully follow the terms and rules I will provide for an optimal healing process.


Will it hurt?

What do you think? ;)
In general, it doesn't hurt as much as a machine tattoo, as it's far less invasive, which means the skin heals much quicker too.
However, the pain often depends on the particular area
being marked and some areas will hurt more than others.
It also depends on your own mindset and if you have a low or high tolerance for pain.





Is it hygienic and safe?


The tattoo studio is certified by the Dutch GGD and is registered in the database of www.veiligtatoeerenenpiercen.nl




One question left, About the ancient Alifuru Moluccan symbols. Do you work with traditional Alifuru symbols?

No I’m not marking the Alifuru symbols.

Therefore, you can contact Joey Patty from Patasiwa Tatu if you’re interested in these traditional and contemporary markings.

He is a cultural practitioner and a master in handtapped and handpoked Alifuru markings.

I create my own symbolism/signature with my own interpretation, inspired by our Universe, my roots, and everything in between. Behind every line, shape and dot lies a deeper spiritual meaning.
All the symbols are visualized by myself, not from books or other studies.